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Daughter of a monster
Wondering through my woods thinking of my past the pain and suffering of being alone. The screams of others fear is what i enjoy most instead.
Suddenly i heard the long dead leaves rustled upon the dirt, someone was here i have warned the other creepypastas not to pass the mansion walls but it wasn't any of his house mates it was a infant a human infant!when I gazed upon the human it stopped crying and looked at my blank face. Then without thinking my  i picked up the carrier and carried it home.
Time skip..............
"I'm home." slenderman said closing the masive white and golden door.
Everyone must be having dinner by now since he heard the noise coming from the dining room.
Then when Slendy was about to head up stairs Smile Dog came down the stairs with his labtop in his mouth stopped and looked at him then shook his head and went to the dinning room.
Slenderman then realized what he did.
:iconyaoifangirl1601:yaoifangirl1601 1 0
Bonnie x reader (FNAF)
You were invited to a friend's birthday party and its a sleepover to tell the truth, the girls aren't really good friends but your mother made you go because it was good manners...
As you and the other girls were getting ready to play a game one girl(pick a name) suggests truth or dare
Everyone said it was a great idea but you were like uh fine i guess.
"(y/n)" (pick a name) said you go first
You looked at the girls giggling and trying to cover their smiles.
You thought to choose truth but you kind of had things that the girls think they knew and they are correct but you didn't want to admit so you picked dare...
As you picked dare a girl sittling next to. (choose name) and whispered something in her ear. "Ok girls (y/n) i dare you to go to the abandoned Freddy Faz bears building.
Your eyes widened as your puples shrunk...
:iconyaoifangirl1601:yaoifangirl1601 2 0
The Demon girl
Maria is a beautiful girl well demon or something. With her red hair when she is mad or her white hair when shes happy but she has to keep that hidden from humans a reason only because Maria is very dangerous to humans and also humans will attack her (possibly)
As Maria's parents you think they would be overprotective on her... But NO instead they would abuse her for no good reason also school was no different she would be constantly bullied. Also with a short temper she can easily become demon and forget everything about being calm.
Chapter one
During school ...
It was during 4th period Maria and a couple of other students were called to the office.
"Miss Maria, Gary Simmons, and Roxy blue. Come to the office please.
The class looked in the back of the room where Maria was as she got up and walked to the office...
:iconyaoifangirl1601:yaoifangirl1601 0 0
Jack: Miss Kate can you please bend over for me?
Kate: Not you too Jack! You guys are all perverts!
Jack: No No Miss Kate if you don't do it for me then at least do it for Angel. (Sobs)
Kate: Oh ok then but make it quick i don't want everyone looking!
Jack: Okey dokey
Kate: (Me bend ove-) Oh My!
Jack: See i told you Miss Kate had the answer!
The end.
:iconyaoifangirl1601:yaoifangirl1601 1 0
Sonic Sleepover by yaoifangirl1601 Sonic Sleepover :iconyaoifangirl1601:yaoifangirl1601 0 2
List of Deviations for the future
1. Shadourge
2. Sonourge
3. Bonnie x Foxy
4.Bonnie x reader
5. Sonadow
6. Mephadow
7. Five nights at Sonic's
8. A Happy Dog Family
9. Five nights at Maria's
:iconyaoifangirl1601:yaoifangirl1601 0 0
My little pony, Skinney and boney
Stuck on a barnyard fence
Screaming and crying
Bleeding and dying
Nobody wants to be my friend.
My corpse will rot
And my soul will go to hell
Someone please help me!
:iconyaoifangirl1601:yaoifangirl1601 2 0


Demon by aitsena Demon :iconaitsena:aitsena 34 5
Shadow X Reader
Alone. That's what it's like most of the time. On the outside people see you as a happy-go-lucky person, when you’re hiding the hurt of a lost loved one. When in social situation, like school or something, you can be a very optimistic person, talking to everyone, whatever, but at home you’re always alone, and that's how you like it. Sad as it is, it's true, some days are good, like they were before he died, his crazy antics and such, but now it's easier to be alone then have the constant sympathy from everyone. Yes you were heartbroken, but you don't need people to keep reminding you of your grandfather's death. Seriously, sure people want to make you feel better, but really, you don't need to be crying all the time. When people try to comfort you, they just make it worse.
So, now you’re out in the forest. This is the place that has always made you feel better, when you stressed, scared, forgotten and lonely, and especially sad. This was your comforting place, you fee
:iconpontiac1968:Pontiac1968 488 1,432
100! by TheFabuPotato 100! :iconthefabupotato:TheFabuPotato 15 85 Yaoi quarrel by Narcotize-Nagini Yaoi quarrel :iconnarcotize-nagini:Narcotize-Nagini 538 90 Miku channel by nippori Miku channel :iconnippori:nippori 91 3 Dark Sondaow by epicgamer3 Dark Sondaow :iconepicgamer3:epicgamer3 1 0 Sondaow by epicgamer3 Sondaow :iconepicgamer3:epicgamer3 1 1
Stay With Me Ch2
Shadow positioned himself in front of Sonic, as the pink psycho edged closer. Sonic looked up towards Shadow and carefully put himself behind him. He knew this was going to get pretty bad….
Amy- “Wow, hi Shadow! Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
Shad-“Yea no one has. What’s your point?”
Amy-“Grumpy as usual I see. Well do you mind moving so that I could be with Sonic?”
Shad-“Actually I do mind.”
Amy-“Common Shadow, can you please move.”
Shad-“Did I stutter the first time? Leave.”
Amy flinched back a bit from response Shadow gave her. She knew he could be a jerk to her sometimes but this time he has pushed her a little bit over the top. Her face turned red with anger and Yelled at him…
Amy-“Move it now before I hit you with my hammer!”
Shad- “Again, No. You can threaten me all you want but I don’t care what you say or do.”
Sonic peered over Shadows shoulder & shuttered that the expre
:iconfukaimori247:Fukaimori247 11 5
Stay With Me Ch3
Shadow slid his hand behind Sonics back, and with his other hand brought out a green Chaos Emerald. Sonic blushed madly,  turning his entire mussel into a light reddish pink tone as he felt a hand slide behind his back, wrapping around his waist.  The jewel shone brightly in the glove, Sonic watched Shadow hold it ever so lightly in his hand. The arm around Sonics waist tightened and Sonic could feel the warmth of Shadows body radiate on him. The azul hedgehog has never felt this was for anyone before. The feeling was strange, but he liked this new feeling. He liked the fact that Shadow was holding him, but feel like it was tight enough for him. Sonic then noticed what his thoughts were leading him to. Shadow peeked down towards him with a confused look. Seeing Sonic trying to hide his blushed face, Shadow gave a low chuckle at the oh so embarrassed hedgehog.  
Shadow leaned into Sonics ear in a seductive way and whispered...
Shad-"Don't close your eyes an
:iconfukaimori247:Fukaimori247 14 9
Stay With Me Ch1
It was a warm Summer day in mobius. The sun was brightly shinning over the land as we find our little blue speedster under a tree taking a nap. The light was seeping through the leaves and shining onto his royal blue quils and fur. Away in the distance, there was another animal running in the distance speeding right towards him. Sonic, having very good hearing, heard the animal aproaching and woke up, not worried about it. he stood up and waited as it got closer. Soon Sonic was able to tell it was his very best freind/ Brother, Tails the two tailed fox.
Sonic-"Hey Tails. What's up?"
Tails-"Hey Sonic! I'm gald I found you. Do you have any plans for the next week or so?"
Sonic-"Nah i dont think so. Why?"
Tails-"I'm inviting everyone to my new place over by the beach for the week just to hang out and chill."
Sonic-"Sure, I'll come. When is it though?"
Tails-"It's in three days. Oh i also need you to do something for me, pleeeese!"
Sonic-"Sure what is it?"
Tails-"Ok, there's only one reaso
:iconfukaimori247:Fukaimori247 18 5
otp wedding by shadzter otp wedding :iconshadzter:shadzter 89 38 Snowy Night Shadourge by Aurora-ASB Snowy Night Shadourge :iconaurora-asb:Aurora-ASB 14 5 Shadourge kiss -my version- by alonegothictomboy Shadourge kiss -my version- :iconalonegothictomboy:alonegothictomboy 14 5 Sonourge .:Embrace:. by Scourgethe-Hedgehog Sonourge .:Embrace:. :iconscourgethe-hedgehog:Scourgethe-Hedgehog 60 9 Sonourge Mpreg Doodle by AishaPachia Sonourge Mpreg Doodle :iconaishapachia:AishaPachia 112 15 Sonourge by xxDinoCupcakezxx Sonourge :iconxxdinocupcakezxx:xxDinoCupcakezxx 34 2


Hey everyone! I am Foxysfirstmate1601's friend yaoifangirl1601 as if you know by now yes i just started Deviantart not today but yesterday. And yes i am going to help Foxysfirstmate with her yaoi us going to be here and also is some of her fan fics too!
So please don't say she didn't post the winners or  something like that
She is trying (not that hard) but she is.


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I love yaoi


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